Integrated Skills Management



Bluedrop is the pioneering force behind Integrated Skills Management (ISM), a new market category for workforce development organizations which delivers efficiencies, scale and automation for markets badly in need of a leg up. Our solutions are based on some of the most effective content in the world and the Bluedrop360 platform, our proprietary SaaS-based platform and targeted online content.

  We are the value-add software layer that sits on top of legacy case processing systems that were installed many years ago. Those systems manage compliance—we drive and manage better results. Our clients are handicapped by outdated, paper-heavy systems. We drive change and improve worker qualification progress in complex environments.  


We enable organizations to modernize their systems, which allows them to serve more people faster, better and more efficiently. Does this sound like a pipe dream? Call us – we have the proof!





Bluedrop360 for OH&S

Over 2.3M global deaths on the job is heartbreaking—and mostly avoidable.


Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCBs) and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) authorities around the world have long sought a true leading prevention indicator. Globally, claims incidence and claims severity, OH&S violations, near misses, etc. are used to direct OH&S efforts. These are laudable and necessary practices, but all lag behind injuries or incidents. We all want to get ahead of accidents and injuries. Everyone in the WCB/OH&S business, as well as the court system, have recognized that appropriately developed, delivered and re-enforced training is essential to injury prevention. We can help.



What if regulators and prevention groups had information about all the safety training taken by workers of employers in their jurisdictions?

What if that information was used to direct the efforts of OH&S inspectors to target

workplaces without adequately trained workers?



What if authorities had a true prevention leading indicator? And what if this new process actually reduced red tape for training providers, employers and workers?

It is not a fantasy—anymore.

Bluedrop360 for OH&S is a multi-dimensional application that enables approved training providers to publish their course offerings to a central marketplace; a one-stop shop for workers and employers to find the OH&S training they need to maintain legislative compliance and, more importantly, to work more safely thereby preventing injury and death in the workplace. Employers and workers can register for their courses through an online website or via a Smartphone App and pay online through Bluedrop’s e-commerce solution. Everyone can keep track of all their training from the various providers and receive important messages from OH&S authorities as well as reminder notices about upcoming training and impending certification expirations.


WCBs and OH&S authorities are automatically notified of successful training completion which can then be used to track employer compliance through an exception reporting system. Through mobile phones and online, prevention staff and government OH&S regulators can access these records and verify the training credentials of workers on any worksite in the jurisdiction.

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Bluedrop360 for Workforce


• Globally there are officially 75M unemployed people. Unofficially, the number is many times higher. Sometimes post-secondary education is the answer—sometimes, job seekers just need a leg up on job hunting skills, essential skills or workplace productivity skills. Not only are these interventions sometimes more relevant, they are vastly less expensive than a College diploma. In other cases, On-the-job Training and apprenticeship progression needs to be better tracked to help get young people into their careers faster and more efficiently. Our Bluedrop360 SaaS-based Workforce Platform enables organizations to modernize and automate how they assist job seekers.


• We empower organizations to serve more job seekers more effectively.


• We help our clients build scale—reaching several times the number of people with the same staff and floor space.


• Our US clients can be helped to meet elements of the WIOA legislation requiring greater data mobility between service organizations.


• Organizations struggle to manage complex “qualification food chains”.


• Clients are chained by older handicapped by antiquated, paper-heavy systems, which struggle to manage user progress through the system in very complex environments.


• Users get a breath of fresh air—a system that puts their needs and lifelong learning requirements in the center, versus an afterthought.




On Demand, Automated, Flexible, Nimble & Efficient




NGO, Foundations and Corporate CSR



Around the world, billions are deployed each year in the service of humanity by many exceptional organizations whose hearts are always in the right place. We help them put their heads in the right place too. Leveraging technology smartly helps them reach scale—help more people, faster and more effectively. We tackle the urgency of responding by helping train both the intermediaries involved in the training—and the end beneficiaries. The Bluedrop360 platform works well in lower bandwidth jurisdictions and our technical experts help find solutions that work in less than ideal circumstances. Our content development leverages on the ground expertise to meet people where they are—and help them succeed.


Bluedrop is not a charity. We are sober business people—and we make a profit. But we are idealists too. Our work impacts the lives of people around the world and we are honored to deploy our talents and skills to make a difference. We are even more honored to work with some of the smartest and most committed people anywhere. Their passion inspires us.